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These are questions that are commonly asked by a purchaser's solicitor, so if you are thinking of selling or purchasing a flat, please let your solicitor know as much of this information as possible, thereby saving yourself time, money and possibly avoiding unnecessary delays with the sale.

If you would like to suggest information for inclusion on this page that might be of use to other residents, please contact us.

Further useful information can be found on the information page.


Where can I erect a For Sale board?

If you are selling your flat ensure that the Estate Agent is informed that the For Sale board should under no circumstance be nailed to the boundary walls or attached to the railings. They will be removed immediately. One board per Agent is allowed.

The For Sale boards are to be placed firmly in the soil only at the Woolwich New Road entrance.

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Who is the company solicitor?

It is very important that you let your solicitor know who the Connaught Mews SE18 Management Co Ltd solicitor is, as it is their job to process the License to assign of the lease from the seller to the purchaser.

Harriet Weller
WSM (Solicitors) LLP
Woodcock House
Gibbard Mews
37-38 High Street
Wimbledon Village
SW19 5BY

Telephone : 0208 879 4300
Fax : 0208 946 8073
Email :
Web :

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Who is the Connaught Mews company secretary?

The company secretary deals with the sale of flats for the Mews. He is also responsible for dealing with leasehold residents wishing to purchase a share of the freehold.

Please do not send requests to the Connaught Mews office as this will delay your reply.

Ms Barbara Crawford
Flat 8
Artillery House
Connaught Mews
SE18 6SU

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What is the current service charge?

The following table shows the service charge levels for the last few years.

Year Service charge
per flat
Service charge
(excluding major works)

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Are there any plans for major works in the next year or so?

In 2010 we plan do undertake further major works concentrating on guttering, paths, railings and essential tree works.

There is a cyclic schedule of certain major works. Major works are defined in the above figures to include items such as internal / external decorating, re-carpeting or other major items requiring a section 20 notice to be sent out.

The communal areas were re-carpeted in 2006 and the communal areas decorated in 2009.

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How is the service charge calculated?

The service charge is an estimate of costs for the following year and as such cannot be calculated exactly.

It is based on the previous year's actual costs and predicts any obvious change in costs to services.

The largest item effecting the charge is whether or not it is a year requiring planned major works.

It is set by the CMSE18MCL first directors (who are all residents of Connaught Mews).

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When is the service charge due?

The service charge demand is sent out around January of each year.

It is due immediately from the date it is received.

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Are there any arrears in the payment of the service charge?

The service charge covers the following 12 months.

For example, a service charge demand sent in Jan 2007 is due in Jan 2007 and covers the period Jan 2007 until Dec 2007.

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What is the Ground Rent?    When is it due?

The ground rent is currently set at 100.

The ground rent is normally waived for Freeholders.

It is due at the same time as the service charge in January of each year.

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Is the Ground rent in arrears?

No. It covers the following 12 months.

If ground rent is due it will be included with your service charge demand.

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Are there any unexpected major expenditure items for the current year?

No. Unexpected expenditure items are normally covered by the service charge.

Our service charge estimates have almost always been set at a suitable level so as to not require additional requests through the year.

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Does the Management Company expect to levy an interim service charge during the year?

No. This has been done once or twice in the past but is usually avoided if at all possible.

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What is the expected rise in service charge for the next year?

We work hard to ensure that the underlying yearly change of the service charge is minimal, however this does require support and cooperation from residents.

The major changes in the service charge usually resulting in whether or not major works had to be scheduled for a particular year.

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Is stamp duty payable?

Woolwich currently falls within a "Disadvantaged Areas Relief" zone. Properties within this zone are exempt from paying stamp duty but only if their value falls under a certain threshold (this was 150,000).

To check the current status, enter the postcode of "SE18 6SU" into the Postcode search tool from the Inland Revenue.

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What is the remaining term of lease?

All leases in Connaught Mews were started with 125 years back in around 1991/2.

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Does the flat have a share of the freehold?

Not all flats currently have a share of the freehold, however the majority do.

The freehold for a flat can be purchased for a cost of 2,000 at any time by contacting us .

Purchasing the freehold increases the re-sale value of the property, avoids ground rent charges and gives the resident a greater say in how Connaught Mews is managed.

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Who is responsible for maintaining the communal areas?

The communal areas are the responsibility of
Connaught Mews SE18 Management Company Ltd.

In turn we use the services of Redwood Estates to help with the property management.

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Is there a Management Company employed on behalf of the residents?

Yes -
Connaught Mews SE18 Management Company Ltd.

This is run on a voluntary unpaid basis by the first directors, all of whom are residents at the Mews.

In turn the Management Company uses the services of Redwood Estates to help with the property management.

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Is there a Residents Association?

There is no residents association.

A large percentage of owners are also directors of the Connaught Mews SE18 Management Company and as such can have a say in the running of the Mews.

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Are there any fire exits?

Each block has multiple entrance / exit doors.

There is no communal fire alarm but all communal corridors have smoke detectors.

Connaught Mews has an bi-annual Health and Safety and Fire inspection.

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Are there designated car parking spaces? How many per flat?

Parking is for residents only.

There are no designated parking spaces specifically for a flat but there are designated parking bays available for all residents to use.

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Are there any lifts, and who maintains them?

There are no lifts.

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How often is the external/internal decorating done?

Roughly every 4 years.

This can vary a year or so depending on the actual condition.

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Who maintains the security gates?

The gates are maintained by
Markhams. However, if there any problems with the gate please contact Redwood Estates who will contact Markhams if necessary.

There is a yearly maintenance schedule for the gates.

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How many floors are there in the blocks?

There are three floors in each block; basement, ground and first floor.

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How many blocks / flats are there in the property? There are 3 blocks:
  • Nightingale House
  • Artillery House
  • Lantern House

    In total there are 61 flats - Nightingale House (21 flats), Artillery House (14 flats) and Lantern House (26 flats).

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    When was the development completed?

    Renovation of the development was completed in 1992.

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    Who were the developers? Connaught Mews was developed by Westcombe Homes.

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    When was the property built?

    Connaught Mews was originally built in 1780.

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    Is there a copy of the council planning permission for the conversion?

    A copy of the planning permission was obtained from Greenwich Council.

    Please click to see a copy of the planning permission.

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    Does the building have NHBC cover?

    Connaught Mews does not have NHBC cover.

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    Is there any commercial usage of the property?

    There is no commercial usage of the property.

    Please refer to the lease.

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    How often are the grounds maintained?

    The gardeners are maintained regularly and weather permitting are normally on site at least once a week.

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    Who is the Building Insurance with?

    The buildings insurance is currently with
    Allianz Insurance

    Please click here for a copy of the schedule of cover

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    How much is the premium and when is it due for renewal?

    The premium is as follows:

    £10,578.30 (2003)
    £9,994.27 (2004)
    £9,367.44 (2005)
    £10,726.86 (2006)
    £13,291.87 (2007)
    £9,166.52 (2008)

    Please note that even though Connaught Mews was revalued mid 2007 at a significantly higher value than previously covered by our insurance policy, in 2008 Redwood Estates helped us to reduce our policy cost.

    The next insurance renewal will be in March 2009.

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    Is the flat owner responsible for their own contents insurance?


    See also: Contents insurance

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    Is the flat owner responsible for their own internal decoration?


    Please refer to the terms and conditions in your lease.

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    Are pets allowed?

    The lease for each flat does state that pets are not allowed.

    However, a number of flats do currently have small pets and as long as no complaints are received then this clause will not be enforced.

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    Are there any timber guarantees?

    There are currently no known timber guarantees for any of the buildings.

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