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News - Woolwich Love Lane Development

News - Woolwich Love Lane Development

Woolwich is undergoing a substantial redevelopment over the next years. Such a large redevelopment will obviously have a significant impact on Connaught Mews.   The development is being called Woolwich Love Lane.

Generally the proposed redevelopment will be very positive and a big improvement for the Mews, for example:

  • Crossrail stop near the Arsenal (hopefully)
  • DLR station
  • Traffic Lights outside our Grand Depot Road pedestrian gate
  • Updated library and council facilities
But the originally proposed plans included a massive 25-story tower block directly opposite the Mews. This would have overshadowed us and dominated the surrounding skyline. The current building there (Civic House) is only 5 floors, so the new block would be 5 times higher and much much bigger!

To date, there have been two public exhibitions and two meetings that we have been able to attend. We have passed back the comments and objections to a number of the aspects of the development from the residents at the Mews.

Following these complaints about the tower and after consultation with English Heritage, the current plan was altered to move the tower block further away. The impact from the revised proposal though is still quite substantial.

Woolwich Love Lane model
Connaught Mews next to original proposed development
(See also the original design)

The development is to include around 1,000 residential properties and a large Tesco superstore. This will cause significant additional traffic and noise but will help to bring more people to the area.


The plans are currently at the planning permission stage. The development company has already sought public consultation. Given that the council look to gain significantly by these proposals they are likely to be viewed favourably. Attached to the notice boards in each block is a copy of a leaflet outlining the development proposal. CMSE18MCL has submitted a response to this.

What Next?

Please join us in seeking to have the height and scale of the development reduced.

The council have set up a very simple Woolwich Love Lane Website (no longer available) which provides a few details on the proposed development, which used to allow you to have your say about the proposals.

The Love Lane team had promised to post diary events onto their website, to include dates for meetings with residents wishing to express their concerns, unfortunately this was not done.

Impresssion of how it could effect Connaught Mews

These two images show a before and after of roughly how large the originally proposed tower block would appear from Connaught Mews. The current plan has scaled this back slightly by moving it to the traffic lights side of the development and by turning it slightly.

The image on the index page was provided by Jon Collins giving a more up to date impression of how the plans would look.

Existing view
Existing view past Artillery House

Possible impression of the originally proposed tower block
This has now been scaled back following our objections.

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