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News on the Mews 2004

With a property of this age, problems do occur from time to time. Connaught Mews being a grade II listed building does sometimes require maintenance. We aim to ensure that problems are dealt as quickly as possible before they get out of hand.

January 2004 
The locks on each block now all open using the same key as the front door. The following have been changed:
  • Nightingale's courtyard and garden doors.
  • The two end basement doors in Lantern House.
  • The garden backdoor on Artillery House.
Lantern House Window Repair
Scaffolding has been erected for repairs to the sash window at the end of the top floor. This had become rotten.

Whilst the scaffolding is available, repairs will also be started on Lantern House roof as there have been a number of reports of leaking.

February 2004
Service charge
As you are all probably aware, the service charge has gone out for the year 2004. This year there are two major works planned. Firstly internal decorating and secondly recarpeting of all three blocks. Work on these will commence once sufficient funds have been collected.

Both of these works are required to be carried out as part of the lease on a set rota. In an attempt to reduce costs, these works have already been pushed back a couple of years past their due date - unfortunately we are now well overdue. Complaints have also been received as to the state of both of these and so this has also forced matters.

No major works are currently planned for next year (unless circumstances change) and so a further reduction is predicted for the 2005 service charge.

Pedestrian gate
The key for the pedestrian gate on Woolwich New Road was changed on 14th February. Markham's had installed a low quality cylinder resulting in great difficulty in getting good quality keys cut. A great number of you had been experiencing problems with your keys.

The cylinder had already started to wear badly and so it was decided to replace it with a proper Yale 5-lever cylinder. Each flat has received one key for the new lock free of charge. Additional copies can be obtained at a cost of 1.50 while stocks last. These are cut from the master key (not a copy of a copy) so should be more reliable.

Markham's fixed a problem with the gates on 9th and 25th February. A spider inside the sensor and a broken gear tooth were found to be the problem.  
Nightingale drain
The "unplugged" drain adjacent to the paladin bins has had a drain pipe attached to stop water from hitting the building.  
March 2004
Two very large wasp nests have been killed in Nightingale House.  
April 2004
Grand Depot Road exit
The door at the top of the garden adjacent to the tennis courts has been fitted with a lock. This shares the same key as the Woolwich New Road pedestrian gate.

The tennis court and north pedestrian gate are in the process of being changed to match.

May 2004
North Pedestrian Gate
There are on going issues with getting the lock changed to this gate. So far three locksmiths have been contacted. The last one has promised to do the work but now has delays for personal reasons. Estimated completion is mid June.  
Tennis Court
Works will be starting soon to get the tennis court fixed. A new net will be ordered, the fencing repaired as much as possible and new white lines drawn. The gardeners have also been instructed to devote time to cleaning it.  
June 2004
Internal decorating
Internal decorating is starting on the 7th of June. Blocks will be done in stages. Preparation works to fix skirting boards and damp areas are already underway.  
Rubbish removal
A skip has been hired for the removal of the hardcore from the courtyard works (Ground Force) and also a number of items around the Mews.  
Gate code
The remote control code is being updated on 4th June at 8pm, all flats have been given full details of the code change.
Courtyard railings
Following on from the icy winter, metal handrails are being installed on the steps leading down to the courtyard. The existing "rail" on the steps by Nightingale House is being upgraded as it is too low to be used. The new handrails will match the style of the existing railing around the blocks. New grit bins will also be installed as these are now getting broken.  
The June 2004 newsletter is now out and is also available for download.  
North Pedestrian Gate
The Grand Depot Road pedestrian gate has finally been fitted with a new lock. We are currently arranging for it to be eased as it is still a little stiff.

The tennis court lock has also been updated and so it is now possible to throw the old chubb key away as it is no longer used.

July 2004
Artillery House lighting
The lighting in Artillery House (internal and external) has been fixed. Three light bulbs have also been replaced.  
August 2004
Nightingale TV reception
Community Vision have been called out and TV reception is now back to normal. The amplifier had broken.  
North Pedestrian Gate
The lock on the gate had been broken and has now been repaired. The cylinder had been badly forced. The gate has also been eased, both in the locking area and also on the side to allow it to close more easily.  
Courtyard railings
The new hand railings have been fitted to the steps leading down to the courtyard. This should make it safer in icy conditions.  
October 2004
On Saturday 23rd October, there was a powercut on the top floor of Nightingale House and part of Lantern House at 11:30pm. This also effected the Nightingale House internal lights, floodlights, intercom, gates and the Telguard system. The gate was opened manually to avoid problems.

The electricity board were called out (arriving 1:30am) and stated the problem was in the street. About 10am Sunday the road was being dug up - at this point, other flats needed to be disconnected.

Power was eventually restored around 5:30pm on Sunday. There was a further short powercut on Monday around 5:30pm for them to replace the faulty cable.

Dead wood removal
Some voluntry work has gone into removing some of the dead wood and branches from the trees. This is hoped to reduce the need for us to get a tree surgeon involved by carrying out the simpler works ourselves. This is ongoing.  
November 2004
Bike theft
In the early hours of Saturday 30th October, a resident's motorbike was stolen from the Mews. The gates were damaged and opened so that the motorbike could be removed. We believe that the motorbike was loaded into a van.

The management team also noticed a few cars had been opened (without any signs of damage), please check yours. They appear to have targeted non-alarmed cars.

The gates were repaired on 3rd November. Tamper proof fixing have also been attached.

The management team have always recommended that motorbikes / bicycles are chained to the barrier by the Artillery House parking area.

The basement hallway light in Artillery House (rear side) has now been rewired to remain on permanently. This area was particularly dark during daylight hours.

There is currently a wiring fault with the external bulkhead lights and this will be fixed soon.

December 2004
Recycling bins
Two recycling bins have been aquired for the bin enclosures, one for each enclosure. A second bin is currently on order for the Nightingale House enclosure.

A leaflet was posted through each flat's door from the council detailing what items can be played in the new blue bins.


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