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With a property of this age, problems do occur from time to time. Connaught Mews being a grade II listed building does sometimes require maintenance. We aim to ensure that problems are dealt with as quickly as possible before they get out of hand. Please let us know as soon as possible if you find a problem. Click here for contact details of Redwood Estates.

News from past years is also still available: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011.

January 2012 
Week ending
  • A very Happy New Year to one and all.
  • We have received a quote for installing emergency lighting for the communal areas. Due to scale of the work required and the considerable expense we will be seeking further more competitive quotes.
  • The 2012 service charge has been set and the invoices will be sent out shortly.
  • Despite some on-going major works we have managed to maintain the service charge at the same comparable level to previous years.
  • Week ending
  • The 2012 service letters have been sent out. Please help us to keep our costs down and the service charge low by paying promptly.
  • Please do not attach signs to main gate. There are unsightly and damage the paintwork. If your intercom is not working please contact Redwood Estates.
  • Please ensure you crush all cardboard boxes and place them inside the recycle bins. Anything left outside of the bins will not be removed by the bin men.
  • Week ending
  • A further repair has had to be made to the Lantern House door after the weather has caused it to swell again and to stick.
  • The door will be painted this week so please take care to avoid the wet paint.
  • All the lights on the Mews have been checked and bulbs replaced as required. If you notice any lights are now working please let Redwood Estates know.
  • The owner of the red van in the car park next to Nightingale Hose has agreed to remove it.
  • A gutter engineer has been on site to quote for replacing a rotten fascia board at the rear of Artillery House and to replace the poor joint in one of the main gutter down pipes.
  • Week ending
  • A repair has been made to the front door at Lantern House as a wire had been pulled out of the door release.
  • A small area of damp has been investigated in one of the flats in Nightingale. A small repair will need to be made to seal an area where water could seep.
  • Some small spikes have been fitted to discourage some birds from pecking the woodwork above some of the windows at the rear of Artillery House.
  • Plans are being made for the Spring to plant around the edges of the compost area and garden store to help hide them from sight.
  • February 2012 
  • Lantern - shave front entrance door.
  • Lantern - undercoat and paint front door.
  • Check all lights and change bulbs.
  • Artillery - clear gullies and drains.
  • Lantern - clear gullies and drains.
  • Nightingale - clear gullies and drains.
  • Clear unwanted furniture and Christmas trees.
  • Lantern re-wire entry door system.
  • Supply new lock for Grand Dept gate.
  • Nightingale - materials for repairs to garden door.
  • Lantern - new cell head.
  • All buildings - install emergency lighting and fire exit signs.
  • March 2012 
  • Nightingale garden door complete fix.
  • Lantern - inspect area for squirrels.
  • Main Gate - replace cover on intercom.
  • Lantern, inspect door in entrance lobby.
  • Lantern, fill holes in roof.
  • Lantern assist visit from pest control.
  • April 2012 
  • Lantern - replace broken glass on main door.
  • Artillery - reline and rebuild pond.
  • Artillery - reinforce and rebuild sloping wall.
  • May 2012 
  • Clear drains and gullies.
  • Artillery - new lock and keys for rear entrance.
  • Lantern - replace lamp shade in corridor.
  • Nightingale - weatherproof and silicone main door.
  • Artillery - repairs garden door locks and check.
  • June 2012 
  • Plant trees - 1 black walnut, 3 oaks, 3 silver birch, 1 tulip.
  • Remove all tree stumps and Spanish sword.
  • Further tree works, remove dead and diseased trees.
  • Lantern - renovate decking to rear, prep and paint.
  • Clean and paint meter cupboards.
  • Clean and paint overflow pipes black.
  • Paint (undercoat) ironwork to benches.
  • Nightingale - change lock after damaged.
  • July 2012 
  • Artillery remove cat flap from back door.
  • Check all garden locks / doors.
  • Check and clear gullies and drains.
  • Nightingale - repair leak in the roof and reseal.
  • All - eased and oiled garden gate doors.
  • Continue renovations to overflow pipes and ironwork to benches.
  • Artillery - paint all down pipes at rear.
  • Lantern - repairs to elevation (front porch).
  • Nightingale - repair blown plaster to staircase area.
  • Nightingale - staircase ceiling - scrap and paint.
  • Apply finish coat of paint to ironwork to benches.
  • Artillery car park - repair fallen wall.
  • Artillery - repair and make secure fence.
  • Sow grass seeds to removed tree areas.
  • August 2012 
  • Health and Safety risk assessment carried out.
  • Clear drains and gullies, clear guttering in bin stores and rod drains.
  • Nightingale - Put up "fire door keep shut" signage and repair front door lock.
  • Lantern - adjust fire door.
  • All - clear gullies and gutters
  • test smoke alarms and emergency lighting.
  • Nightingale - supply 2 smoke alarms.
  • September 2012 
  • Artillery - check main door - reported fault.
  • Artillery & Lantern - fit 6 new smoke alarms and test emergency lighting.
  • All - continue oil ease and adjust all doors, internal and garden, locks and bolts.
  • Lantern - paint communal area.
  • All - test all outside lighting, change bulbs, fit glass lampshades.
  • Clear blocked drain at rear of Nightingale.
  • Lantern - check painting and fill where needed.
  • All - check drains and gullies and assist the pest control.
  • Artillery and Lantern, install new trellis and wattle fencing.
  • Remove all dead leaves from Spanish swords.
  • Artillery - install guttering to back door.
  • Artillery - fix hinge to gate and repair bike shed roof.
  • October 2012 
  • Lantern - clear drain at rear.
  • Nightingale - inspect roof and report.
  • Lantern - clear roof of moss and debris, weather seal.
  • Install trellis fencing to conceal green container by the tennis court.
  • Main Gate - replace wall and spot lights.
  • Clear Spanish sword and evergreen cuttings from compost area.
  • Lantern - power wash pavement areas.
  • All - clear gullies and bin store gutters.
  • Nightingale - touch up paint throughout.
  • Lantern - complete painting.
  • Lantern - assist with pest control removal of wasp nest.
  • All - replace 6 light bulbs and clear weeds.
  • November 2012 
  • All - clear drains and gullies where blocked.
  • Nightingale and Artillery - continuation touch up paint work.
  • Lantern and Nightingale, install fire/smoke strips on fire doors and 2 meter rooms.
  • Lantern - supply and install new front door lock.
  • Check all gullies and drains, oil door hinges
  • Check roofs of Nightingale and Lantern Houses.
  • Lantern - new keys cut for front door.
  • Lantern - 2 lock barrels cut for master keys.
  • Artillery and Lantern - repairs to doors.
  • Nightingale - make repairs to broken concrete.
  • AGM held.
  • December 2012 
  • Repair locks and refit the latches.
  • Nightingale - supply and fitted new lock for the front door.
  • Nightingale - clear, clean and reseal joints in guttering.
  • Monthly inspection of Nightingale, Lantern and Artillery.
  • Lantern - carpet repairs in basement.
  • Artillery - carpet repairs rear stairs
  • Artillery - repair stop cock by back door to garden.
  • Nightingale - resecure fire exit sign above the front entrance.
  • Supply rock salt for the grounds.
  • Supply bags of kiln sand for the brick paving.
  • Refresh paint on internal walls and communal areas.
  • Artillery - refill door thresh-hold and paint area by the back door.
  • Lantern - fit lock to basement door.
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    Current Task List Summary 
  • Further tree works
  • Further lighting/security work
  • External painting
  • Resurface steps to the main entrances
  • Path from the tennis court to Grand Depot Road (decision deferred for another year)

    If there is anything that you have noticed that you would like us to look into that is not on the list, please do get in contact with us and let us know.

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