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Connaught Mews SE18 Management Company Ltd (CMSE18MCL) was originally formed around 1996 by the residents who had purchased the freehold forming a commonhold style limited management company. It is a non-profit organisation run by the first directors on a voluntary and unpaid basis with the aim of ensuring that services and problems are handled cost effectively where possible reducing the cost of works. Our aim is to keep the service charge as low as possible whilst ensuring that all major works are carried out. As we are ourselves residents, there is more incentive to ensure costs are minimised.

The first directors were voted in by the other directors to have the authority to make decisions on running the property on their behalf. Large decisions (such as the installation of the security gates) are always raised to all residents. The first directors do hold meetings but are also in constant contact with each other via email (often daily) to avoid delaying urgent decisions until the next meeting. With the introduction of the website, it has meant we are now informed of problems even more quickly. We are happy to arrange a meeting to discuss any issues should they not be resolvable by letter or email. Simply get in contact with us and we will arrange a suitable date.

Our other main role is to estimate and set the level of the service charge each year. Redwood Estates provide us with the actual costs from the previous year and estimates are made on past cost increases and also on any major works needing to be carried out. We pride ourselves on being able to show that almost no money is carried over from one financial year to the next indicating that our estimates are usually quite accurate.

Who are the first directors?

David Shaw - Chairman
Niki Rhodes - Treasurer
Megan Phillips - Company Secretary

How do Redwood Estates fit in?

Redwood Estates were employed in 2008 to help with the administration and property/estates management. This includes contracting work on our behalf. They help with obtaining quotes for works, service charge collection, management of larger works, actioning general works and taking general enquiries. When a larger problem is reported, CMSE18MCL decide on appropriate action and then ensure Redwood Estates are contacted to arrange for the works to be carried out. Redwood Estates have also been instructed to pass on certain queries for us to deal with directly.

Due to changes in the law payments must now be made directly to Redwood Estates. CMSE18MCL still retain full access to the accounts and still authorise all major expenditure, as such Redwood Estates are not able to act on their own without our permission - this was a condition of their employment.


If you are a currently a leaseholder at Connaught Mews, we would recommend that you purchase your freehold. Apart from increasing the value of your property, it would allow you to take a more active role in the running of the Mews. We are always on the look out for people to become actively involved with helping to run the Mews. The more jobs that we can carry out ourselves means the less we need to pay contractors to carry out the works for us.

Contacting us

Click here for a list of ways to get in contact with us. The office itself is situated at the top of the stairs in Lantern House (number 20) but it is not regularly occupied.

Note: The office does not have a door entrance buzzer.

Should you write to us at the office, please place the correspondence in the office letterbox and not on the table in the lobby of Lantern House.

Please let us know if there is any further information that you feel might benefit being added to this website.

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